As a meteorologist, I have spent most of my career as an operational meteorologist (in other words, most of my time was spent forecasting). I have forecast for a variety of industries (utilities, shipping companies, entertainment venues, and marine clients to name a few). My specialty, however, is severe weather forecasting and analysis.

Outside of forecasting, I have provided a wide variety of weather analyses. Some examples include:

  • Determining whether storm damage was produced by hail or damaging winds
  • Statistical analyses on various meteorological and hydrometeorological data
  • Preparing reports on how or why a meteorological event occurred

With Bachelor’s Degrees in Meteorology and Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma, I am well equipped to handle a wide variety of cases and problems. I also hold a Certified Consulting Meteorologist certification from the American Meteorological Society.

To learn more about my professional background, please view my resume. To contact me, please go to my Contact page or e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you!