As a meteorologist, I have spent most of my career as an operational meteorologist (in other words, most of my time was spent forecasting). I have forecast for a variety of industries (utilities, shipping companies, entertainment venues, and marine clients to name a few). My specialty, however, is severe weather forecasting and analysis.

Outside of forecasting, I have provided a wide variety of weather analyses. Some examples include:

  • Determining whether storm damage was produced by hail or damaging winds
  • Statistical analyses on various meteorological and hydrometeorological data
  • Preparing reports on how or why a meteorological event occurred

With Bachelor’s Degrees in Meteorology and Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma, I am well equipped to handle a wide variety of cases and problems. I also hold a Certified Consulting Meteorologist certification from the American Meteorological Society.

Want to retain me?

  • Contact me with what you need. Be as specific as you can as I will read your request and determine if I can do the work. If I can’t, I will help you find someone who can. Be sure to include all details. Leaving out details and telling me later may alter my planned solution and change the cost of the project (either increase or decrease). 
  • I will also need to determine if there are potential conflicts of interest.
  • I will reply within 48 hours with any questions and whether I can do the work. If I can’t, I’ll give you a referral to someone who can.
  • If I can do the work, you are responsible for any costs I may incur (data retrieval, travel, etc.), as well as my hourly rate. Any fees related to data retrieval (usually applies to lightning or certified data) will be required before the data is ordered.
  • A retainer is required and will be 25% of the estimated cost of the work. Retainer is non-refundable. If my estimate was too low, I will alert you prior to exceeding the estimate.
  • Remainder of balance is due within 14 days of completion. A 25% late fee is assessed for every two week period the payment is overdue.

I try to be as conservative as I can when estimating costs and will look for ways to keep costs down when I can.

To learn more about my professional background, please view my Curriculum Vitae. To contact me, please go to my Contact page or e-mail me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!